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The BDIAGO Plan For Bulletproof Health

The BDIAGO Plan For Bulletproof Health

NOTE: This post was written during the pandemic of 2019-2022. These proactive, body supportive suggestions are now easy to incorporate into your family's diet with the upcoming Real Food Family Health Reset!


Fifteen years ago I created a successful protocol to overcome infertility and now I've created what my family is calling The BDIAGO Plan (in plain speak that's- The "Best Defense Is A Good Offense" Plan). This post is long... so bear with me. The plan I'm sharing needs a lot of explanation, but I'll be doing that in upcoming posts.

The first time I did this, I wanted to have children. I suppose you could say I needed to have children… it was a deep desire, one I couldn’t avoid. It occupied almost every waking thought, but I was being told by modern medicine that it was impossible. That drove such an urgency for change that I was willing to turn my life entirely upside down.

Many of you know my story- it’s written in my book, Conceiving Heathy Babies. Because of that protocol, I achieved a better balance in my body and was able to conceive and birth our two children. Since then we have lived with many of the principles of that original protocol, but there has been no pressing need for daily teas or purposeful meals. Many of the good habits and lessons learned have informed our day-to-day, but there has been no need for the singular intention of that time.

Until now.

We Need A New Protocol

As I watched people react over the past four years of pandemic living, it was clear that the vast majority of our culture is living a different kind of life than I am. While I exercised caution as we first learned about the C virus, I quickly moved to being proactive and stopped worrying.... most people do not know what it looks like to EAT for prevention.

We are told that food doesn't matter and that the only solution is found in medical science... when there isn't anything available to "cure" us yet from doctors- panic ensues and dependency on Western medicine reaches new heights.

It occurred to me that I needed to share a different kind of protocol with my readers- one that was focused on a fully nourished and healthy immune system rather than fertility.

Fear Is Not A Health Plan

Living in fear of outside influences that are beyond our control is exactly what got us into the mess we’re in. It is not logical, productive, or Biblically based.

At the end of the day, the uncertainty around whether or not I’ll be infected with a virus is the same as whether or not I’ll be contaminated with by-products of the shots that are being tested to combat that virus. The anxiety that comes from uncertainty is difficult to master and can only be controlled by taking action.

Here's What I Know-

There will always be another virus.

I can choose to live inside the system that is pervaded by Western Medical Dogma... and live in a space of reactivity, chasing each and every new emergency "symptom" of the cost of living life that is brought to light...


I can be proactive and trust that I was given a perfect body, with a perfect design... one that was created to heal itself perfectly... and I can focus on what that means.

Choosing For Life

I choose the latter. There is power to be had in being proactive that is not available when we are living in a reactive state. Trusting in my body's perfect design does not mean that I plan to just pray about it and expect God to pick up the slack! The hard truth is that many of us have desecrated the body system that we were given.

Many have believed a lot of worldly lies and chased convenience and ease over health and strength. They have eaten man-made creations, believing them to be as good as (or better than) the real food God created.

Many have given up their God-ordained free will for the promise of safety and ease. Some are daily taking pharmaceuticals that are robbing them of the type of life that was laid out for them. Others have even taken into their bodies the new experimental shot- one that is predicated on the idea that we should alter the way our original design works... and improve upon it!

Many have been operating their body without the knowledge that it is a sacred gift and it is our job to take care of it. If this is you, please understand that you cannot expect your God-given immune system to step up and protect you from worldly harm if you have weakened or damaged it.... unless you put in the time and effort to fix what you broke.

We should pray. But it is time to "put on the armor of God". Those who walk the narrow ways of Life are called to ACTION. There is an action to putting on armor. We are given everything we need to protect ourselves, but the having of armor and the wearing of it as you run onto the battlefield are two VERY different things.

In our house we are putting on our armor. To me, that means getting real about the weaknesses in my body and those of my family and doing the hard work to heal root issues. It also means an intentional focus on eating real food and preparing it correctly. After that, I am sufficiently covered in the armor available to me. The immune system is a powerful tool, given to us by our creator and designed to work in balance with the viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites that were also perfectly placed here with us. We are putting on our armor, and then leaning into our faith and praying while heading back out into the world and living as we are daily directed... rather than rejecting others or cowering in fear.

The BDIAGO Plan For Bulletproof Health

This plan is a LOT perhaps to some readers. It is NOT about c$virus!!! I repeat- THIS PROTOCOL is NOT ABOUT c$virus! As long as we react to each new virus or variant we will always be in a stress state. This protocol is about building a healthy organism that is adaptable under stress and resistant to disease or toxin. Only by building our bodies in this way can we truly live a healthy, free life.

First Steps In A Crisis

Identify Weaknesses:

Who in the house needs to be propped up and why? Your plan will be different than mine because we all have imbalances that make us weaker as an organism. Work on those things WHILE you go about the work of supporting a healthy immune system! Will you need to add supplements and therapies that address circulatory disease? Digestive imbalance or Allergies?

General Supplements:

*Many of these are covered in the foods list below. I like to avoid pills and drops and find them in food wherever possible. Sometimes we simply can't eat enough food in a day to get everything we want when we are building our body for a specific goal.

**Links below are for your convenience to see my favorite products. You can find these elsewhere (and there are other great brands), but if you use these links to purchase, be advised they are affiliate links and we will make a small commission on them.

  • Iodine- Lugols brand drops. We do 2-3 drops every 2-3 days, or seaweed
  • Selenium- everyone eats a couple brazil nuts daily.
  • Cod Liver Oil- Carlson- 1 tsp daily
  • B Vitamins- this is covered by our multi-vitamins, but we have a supplement just in case someone needs extra support such as for allergies or respiratory illness and recovery. Add brewer's yeast, spirulina, bee pollen, red meat
  • Vitamin E- almonds, sunbutter, salmon, brazil nuts, red peppers
  • Zinc- nuts and seafood
  • Potassium- avocado, banana, fish, potatoes, 1 cup white beans, yogurt, dried apricots, pomegranates, tomato paste
  • D3- Garden of Life Chewable- added October-May otherwise covered by cod liver oil, diet, sunlight and multi-vitamins. This extra supplementation is necessary above the 37th parallel.
  • Ca/Mg- Garden of Life Raw Calcium
  • Vitamin C- I created an electuary for my family-1 tsp daily… to tolerance (increased urination- stop there before you get to diarrhea) ** this level of vitamin C is only necessary while being exposed to the inoculated and during times of possible illness. All other times, multi-vitamins and diet can cover.
  • Multi vitamins- Garden of Life Mens and Women’s as well as Kids Chewables
  • Host Defense, MyCommunity Extract- 1 dropper daily (especially important for those who have are working to counteract side effects from recently introduced shots)
  • Chlorophyll- Chloroxygen- use in times of respiratory illness and recovery, important to help with the blood's ability to carry oxygen (catch your breath)
  • Quercetin- increase or supplement if struggling with histamine intolerance.. there are SO many common plants with quercitin content to add to the daily diet. See my Proactive Health Club database to find options.


  • Fish- 2-3 times a week
  • Pasture raised eggs- 1 daily
  • Bone broth- daily
  • Nuts, Seeds and Dark chocolate- snacks, daily, soaked and or sprouted
    • 1-2 Tbsp sunbutter
    • 1 oz. almonds
    • 1 oz. cashews
    • 1 oz. pecans
  • 1-2 cups greens- daily
  • 1 avocado- most days
  • Beans (soaked)- 1-2 times per day
  • Organ meats- 1-2 times a week (emphasis on heart and liver)
  • Grass-fed Meats
  • 1-2 serving of ferments- daily (variety as able)
  • 1-2 servings of vegetables at every meal
  • VARIETY in vegetables and fruits daily!!
  • Organic and/or chemical free in at least those not on the clean 15 list
  • Grains- soaked, sprouted and soured.
    • primarily soured wheat grain (sourdough), quinoa, rice, oats

Detoxing Aides:


  • NO sunscreen for at least half an hour daily sometime between 10am and 3pm.
  • SLEEP- adults get to bed by 10:30 or 11, children get to bed by 9:30
  • Water- this doesn't include any drinks with caffeine or processed sugar… drink half the body weight in ounces daily
  • DIGEST- chew slowly and throughly. Digestion starts in the mouth and must be accomplished by eating slowly, with no electronics, around the table with family and friends.
    • Eat three meals daily. Eat the last meal by 6pm.
  • MOVE- half an hour sweat daily (not just in a sauna)


  • Processed, fake, created food
  • Supplements and foods containing “folic acid”
  • Counting Calories (none of us are diabetic. In that case, it can be very important to be mindful of your carbohydrates/sugars)
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