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Ok... not all kids love bees... but they should! And they will after this class!

In this fun kid's course you and your child will learn:

  1. Not everything that goes buzz is a bee! Learn to tell the difference between bees, wasps and bumbles.

  2. Who stings and how to prevent making them mad!

  3. What you can do to protect the bees without becoming a beekeeper.

  4. All of the things the honey bee does for you.

Your course comes with a hands-on family project that will put what you learned into practice:

  1. Includes complete supplies list and instructions to make a bee waterer.

  2. Instructions on how to use your bee waterer and a landscape suggestion card for its location.

  3. Homeschool resource sheet with age-appropriate challenges and activity suggestions and an activity sheet.

This course is online. You can stop and start and replay as often as you need for the short attention span of everyone in your house! At course launch you will receive an email with a link to your course and any bonus materials for which you qualify.

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