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A brand new product here at the Pharm... and the very first product researched and designed by our daughter Jacy!

We tested this formula on ourselves, our cats and dog and found it to be effective. It also happens to smell great!

One of our customers (A) reports that he took his dog on a walk with a friend (and his dog). They went through very tall grass and both dogs were together the whole time. When A got home, he didn't find any ticks on his dog... but his friend too over 20 off the other dog!


Vegetable Glycerine+, Jojoba Oil+, Peppermint E.O., Sage E.O., Pine E.O., Lavender E.O., Geranium E.O., Lemongrass E.O. and Tea Tree E.O. 2 fl. oz. (+organic)



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