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The Significance of a Ripped Veil and Your Food Choices

The Significance of a Ripped Veil and Your Food Choices

Today is Good Friday. This is a day a lot of us overlook… we’re at work and school today. No one is hunting Easter eggs or putting on their Sunday bonnets…. But it is a BIG day if you want to understand better my family’s motivation for Soda Farm.

He came, He died and He rose again… but why?

At the moment of His death we are told in Mark 15:38 that,

38 The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.

Why does that matter? It’s actually an awe-inspiring part of the story that I find particularly compelling.

You see, until that moment, God’s people lived under the old covenant. There was separation between us and God. It was a separation that God did not originally intend, as we see from his design of our relationship in the Garden of Eden.

God continued to be with His people after we left the garden, but there was a blood sacrifice required, only a priest who was entirely above reproach could enter into the presence of the Holy Spirit, and only once a year. This high priest was there as a representative of ALL his people… the privilege and the danger was felt by only one man.

This interaction took place behind the temple curtain. My research suggests that this was no ordinary fiber. In fact, it appears as though it was more like the fiber of a woven carpet and nearly as thick as a man’s hand (4 inches thick). It was believed to be around 100 feet wide and 150 feet tall. Impossible to “tear” by anything earthly.

The significance of the veil being torn is one I didn’t understand until adulthood. 

God sent Jesus to take the place of the blood sacrifice needed to go behind the veil once and for all. The ripping of the temple veil meant that there was no more separation- no more of the one man creeping in to talk with God while the rest of his people were left outside. Jesus was the sacrifice, and the new temple was within each of us….

The temple in the new covenant that began on the first Easter- is OUR BODY! We accept that sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit can dwell inside us- where we can commune with Him DAILY… not yearly, not through an interpreter… just us in personal, intimate, communication.

God created us in His image and designed us to commune freely with Him at all times. The Bible shows us He never wanted anything to separate us from Him… He desires this relationship so much that He gave his creation free will and individuality- we weren’t created to be automatons that did His bidding- instead we were given the right to push back against Him, to disobey Him, to act out, to find our own way….to rebel. 

He desires this relationship so much that after we kicked ourselves out of the garden, He devised another plan to bring us back into that daily walk with Him… He sent is son, to break down the barriers between us.

The tearing of the temple veil is an important thing to understand if you are part of my inner circle here at Soda Farm.

It is important to fully understand the responsibility we carry if we accept the sacrifice of Jesus on Good Friday and become the temple.

“My body is a temple”…. Is an oft repeated saying.

It is trite, but it hides a deeper truth. When your body houses the Holy Spirit here on earth, your body deserves reverence… What we put into it should be “Of God” and not “Of Man”. Choosing to consume real food (Creation) instead of synthetic copies has a greater importance. What we put into our mouth, be it food, drink or medicine…. Is it building God’s temple well? 

We can have a heart for God and be His people, but how we choose to build his temple dictates how easily we communicate with Him… how easily we can hear His guidance….whether or not we have the energy to walk out His will.

The world of man, and the deceiver, is in the synthetic, the stuff I call “imitation creation”…. It is designed to numb our senses, to stop up our ears, to cripple our intuition and to make us sick, weak and tired. 

My family works our farm, makes our products and puts out education because the temple veil was torn in two from top to bottom. Our work is to support our community as they work to clear their temple of things that are “of the world”.

Because the miracle of Easter is that we are free to invite a risen Christ, the son of our creator God, to unlock the doors to our temple… to open the way for us to have a REAL, personal, individual relationship with the supernatural power that devised the designs we see all around us in nature. We are free to claim that sacrifice as the once-and-done paid entry to a life of seeing miracles, of being an instrument of DOING miracles….. and while that can be done in a body that is compromised… 

I promise you…

When you clear the gunk that keeps all the bells from singing out in your temple and you resonate clearly with the Divine…. Oh my goodness…. No trip through the drive-thru is going to be worth being clappered and not hearing every word or every prompting to take part in His work here on earth.

Happy Easter!


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  • Great insight. If we truly consider the spiritual interaction with a Loving God and the weight of the covenant we share now with our Creator through Christ every day, it becomes our natural state of being. Once we establish this relationship on Gods terms in full faith, we belong to and can fully and freely traverse the consciousness of spirit that Christ refers to as “Thy Kingdom come, God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
    In kingdom come we bind on earth what is bound in heaven and loose on earth what is loosed in heaven.
    Our Creator God desires to be able to communicate His salvation with us through His Holy Spirit and we so often mute His voice with worldly distractions in unhealthy temples. We agree that this is one of the enemy’s greatest tools against our ability to seek and find eternity in Christ.
    Christ has defeated sin and death to give us eternal Life with Him and He tore the veil so we can come boldly before the throne to receive salvation. Praise God!!
    Thank you for reminding us of the torn veil today, and for sharing your insight in cleansing our own Temples. Jesus desired a clean Temple, when He cleared it out all those years ago and still desires a clean Temple today. One that is not cluttered with sickness and world, but one that is pure and ready to know and receive Him.
    May everyone reading be emboldened to come to the High Priest freely and find Salvation through the precious blood that was shed through the perfect Lamb of God!

    Rob and Nicole Erwin

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