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Hi there,

We are Carson and Dawn Combs and we began building Soda Farm nearly 20 years ago. It's been an ever changing adventure from when we bought our land to now. It all started with a house and a very large lawn, some bees, and an infertility diagnosis.

Our product line grew out of our need to step outside of the mainstream systems that were making us sick. Each time we innovated and found success in our own health, we offered those products to our customers.

Dawn is the creator of almost all of our products. She is an Ethnobotanist, with a firm foundation in both the historical use of plants and the plant science that explains how they work. Over the years, Dawn has written for various national magazines, traveled and taught as a recognized expert in using sugar as a medium for medicine making. She has professionally published three books (Conceiving Healthy Babies, Heal Local and Sweet Remedies), and created an extensive database of her writings and research for our own Proactive Health Club Membership community.

Carson and the kids (because, yes, we were able to overcome the infertility diagnosis) staff the farm shop and keep our busy homestead running.

We've had some challenges lately. It is not popular to speak truthfully, or to hold to a fixed moral compass. We have had to walk away from a lot of what we've built over the past two decades... but we are walking toward something even better. 

You can join our community at any level you wish- from a passing friend who just wants to enjoy our farm-fresh products... to a deeper level of membership on our sister site. There is much to explore and much we would love to share with you if your passion is in connecting back to creation and gaining more independence in your daily health.

Let's start here- with something delicious to drink- because being healthy doesn't mean you can't have any fun... or that you can't have anything sweet.

"and He has brought us to this place and has given us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey." -Deuteronomy 26:9

-Dawn, Carson, Aidan and Jacy Combs.



Nadine Williams is our brilliant Marketing Director- and right hand "woman" to Dawn's educational endeavors.

She is the Managing Director, Brand and Innovation Consultant at &Beyond Innovation and Marketing, a consulting firm that helps consumer product companies define and develop consumer and brand-focused innovation and brand strategies. As a brand marketer and innovation practitioner for some of the most recognizable CPG brands in the US, including Gorilla Glue, Bicycle Playing Cards, Formica Countertops, and That’s Tasty Fresh Organic Culinary Herbs, Nadine is known for creating scrappy innovation and brand programs that grow businesses through disruptive market strategies.

Nadine also runs her own healthy website- making products for the kitchen that do not contain synthetic chemicals. Her wood butter is especially important in conditioning cast iron and wood.. and they make a line of gorgeous cutting boards.

On the personal side, Nadine is also a homesteader and herbalist, having studied under Dawn Combs through her two-year herbalist apprenticeship program.  Nadine says, “Studying under Dawn was one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Her understanding of the plants and their impact on the system is certainly her truest calling.  Her products, drink mixes and syrups are not only functional but unbelievably tasty.  If you are considering going deeper in study, joining her membership or undergoing an apprenticeship study is the best way for you to totally embrace the craft.”

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