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For kids grades 7-12. This social club will be a chance to grow their skills in creative problem solving, logic, teamwork and more…. 

Upcoming Dates (all are 1pm-3pm):

  • September 14
  • October 12
  • November 9
  • December 14
Ever hear of Olympics (now Odyssey) of the Mind? It was something that Dawn was a part of during her middle school years and credits for a lot of her confidence and ability to think around problems (and boy we've had 'em the past couple years)...
The focus of the organization is in teaching kids how to work in a team and come up with creative, totally new ideas to solve open-ended and/or spontaneous problems.
The groups are entirely child-led. It fosters collaboration, time management, teamwork, budgeting, public speaking and MORE!
It is absolutely the kind of advanced creative and challenging club atmosphere we wanted to involve our kids in.... but unfortunately, there are currently no Ohio chapters.
So, the first step is merely to form this group of kids (grades 7-12) who are looking for something more than they're getting in their schooling or social gatherings.... something that goes beyond, that challenges them in creative and empowering ways.
As we meet we can discuss any interest in competition in the future.
This club will meet monthly and will be presented with a different open-ended problem to solve as a group. A brain-teaser if you will.... an example might be:
Given: Two pieces paper, 6 pieces thin spaghetti, 2″ masking tape, one coffee canister, one billiard ball and an unlimited supply of nails.
Your task is to create a structure using the paper, spaghetti and tape. This structure must be able to support the coffee can and must be far enough off the ground that a billiard ball can be rolled underneath the coffee canister. The billiard ball is to be used for measuring purposes only. The team can gain points by putting nails into the canister. The more nails that are put into the canister, the more points the team gains. This structure must be free standing and must be raised high enough to roll the billiard ball under it the entire time. The team has five minutes to plan their structure and two minutes to build it.
Interested? Questions? Just let us know.... RSVP here!

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