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This is for all of you late night cereal lovers and bed-time snackers....Our soft, unbaked granola is packed with nutrition, featuring dried cherries, almonds, warming spices, honey and of course Soda Farm’s Sleep Well Herbal Blend. This snack is designed to support your body getting a great night's sleep!

We make it in house, based on Dawn's recipe in her book Sweet Remedies: Healing Herbal Honeys. Try it with milk, with yogurt, or simply as a stand-alone snack. A kid-friendly sleepy-time snack!

Eat your medicine- and let it be delicious!

This is a LIMITED EDITION PRODUCT for all of you devoted fans of our granola!


*Oats, *Dried Cherries, *Almonds, *Butter, *Brown Sugar, Raw Honey, *SleepWell formula, Vanilla Bean Extract, *Cinnamon, *Cardamom, *Nutmeg, Lemon (*Organic)

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