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How We Grow

We are not your typical herb farm growing basil and thyme!

The herbs and superfoods that go into our products are grown in soil that has been chemical free for 21 years and counting! Because of our biodynamic farming practices, our intention of growing potent, nutrient dense herbs begins by focusing on the health of the soil itself.

We harvest only those plants that are at the peak of their potency and then dry them as quickly as possible. Our herbs and superfoods are minimally processed by hand, reducing oxygenation by leaving each pertinent plant part as whole as possible.

When we can't grow them ourselves, we source with the same care. We do not compromise on sourcing organic, sustainably grown and harvested, properly raised and harvested ingredients.

Herbs and Superfoods with Healing Intent

Our herbs are planted, grown and harvested with love and healing intent. This talk of intentions is so much more than lip-service. Our cultivation in a chemical-free environment with biodynamic principles is guided expressly by the goal of achieving the highest concentration of chemical plant constituents responsible for healing effects. Through our biodynamic farming practices, each herb is planted at the precise time to encourage its optimal growth and health.

Our plants are also harvested individually at the correct time to maximize the constituents intended to be captured. Healing intent also includes interacting with our land (as our piece of creation to steward) on a personal and spiritual level that communicates a more powerful and intentional product for our customers.

Minimally Processed

Any herbs, spices or superfoods that you purchase in any form should pass the “smell, sight, and taste” test to ensure quality and effect. Your herb should look vibrant, and it is best if it is as whole as possible. This is why you will find we make only whole, loose-leaf varieties of tea. The smell and taste don’t have to be pleasant, but the experience should be strong and fresh.

These standards are foremost in our minds as we process our fresh herbs each season. We harvest by hand and selectively pick only those specimens that are at their peak of potency. After drying quickly under optimal conditions, they are minimally processed by hand. Each time a plant is broken it provides more surfaces for oxygenation to damage the quality. It is our goal in processing herbs for your family to leave them as intact as possible. Our attention to detail results in a higher quality herb in both aesthetics and constituents.

Biodynamic Practices

As a farm using biodynamic principles and processes, we see ourselves as contributing parts of a greater circle…not the owners of land and animals.  We view our farm as a partnership with the land we live on, as well as with the animals and bees that live here with us. 

Literally from the ground up, all of our farming practices take into account the soil as a living organism. Unlike organic standards that just emphasize non-chemical and non-GMO methods, we believe that improving soil health provides more nutrient-dense and healthier products for our customers.


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