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Our Facilities

Our Facilities

The farm operations here at Soda Farm covers nearly the entire property. We are intensively working almost 3 acres of our 3.5 acre plot. Included in our facilities are a 1/8 acre pond, a drying space, commercial kitchen, apothecary, retail store and event space, greenhouse, mobile chicken coop, poultry pastures, bee yard, and in 2024 we will introduce hoop houses.

Biodiversity of the Area

Our location in Central Ohio provides a unique opportunity to see plants in a variety of diverse ecosystems. Our outdoor learning lab at the farm also includes a nearby conservation area along the Big Darby, a State and National Scenic River, as well as the Milford Center Prairie State Nature Preserve. 

Soda Farm is also located just outside of Columbus, Ohio, which has an extensive metro park system that includes a total of 17 parks on over 27,000 acres. These park areas provide another valuable resource for nature walks and plant identification. The park system is highly diverse and includes most all types of environments such as riparian, woodland, wetland and prairie that can be found in Central Ohio.  

We are just a short distance away from the Chadwick Arboretum at The Ohio State University, the Herbarium at Ohio Wesleyan University and Scioto Gardens plant nursery, which specializes in native perennials. The Columbus Area is also perfectly situated for short travel to other highly varied ecosystems such as the Lake Erie shoreline, the Wayne National Forest and other mature woodlands in Southeast Ohio.  Of greatest importance is our partnership in the United Plant Savers organization with the 360-acre UpS Goldenseal Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio.

The Farm as a Learning Lab

In 2003 we purchased the 3.5-acre site of Soda Farm (at the time we named it Mockingbird Meadows) and have worked continuously to transform the once “suburbanized” rural lot into a bustling homestead. What was once mowed lawn is now a diverse habitat for dragonflies, butterflies, birds and bees. Our working "superfood" farm includes a wide range of natives, medicinals and other “weeds” of value for the homestead and as specimens for learning opportunity.

Our farm includes a range of production plots and specialized teaching gardens.  Our medicine wheel and labyrinth provide reflective space and learning and our greenhouse provides for small-scale production and the growth of sub-tropical medicinals. The farm also includes an outdoor classroom and other outdoor teaching spaces, as well as a commercial kitchen registered with the State of Ohio.  

As the home of a plant scientist, you may find all manner of curious experiments going on at any given time. Currently, we are testing out organic weed suppression techniques, mushroom/honey bee interaction, weed succession as soil remediation and various companion planting methods.

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