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The Mockingbird Meadows Logo

People often ask us how we came up with the name of our farm and our logo.  In short, when we first started beekeeping, mockingbirds built a nest in the tree above our first hive as if to watch over our endeavors and to protect the bees.  Since that initial nest, they have stuck with us year after year bringing song and curiosity to the farm.





The Mockingbird

In Native American circles, the mockingbird is a symbol of inner balance, being fearless and of finding your life's purpose or "sacred song."  During 2008, we decided to veer away from our farm's original mission and to market ourselves differently.  Others had told us to focus on the honey and let go of the herbal importance that we placed on our farm.  For two years we struggled to stay on that path, but was not successful.  Things were difficult, as if we were fighting against the tide.  During those two years, a curious thing happened.  No mockingbirds could be found on the farm.  We were upset and had thought that we had altered the landscape of the farm in a way that was no longer welcoming.  The silence left in the absence of their beautiful song was deafening, and we both mourned their loss.  In 2011, Dawn had our second child and had a great deal of time to be still with her thoughts while nursing.  It was obvious to her that the farm was headed in the wrong  direction.  We immediately agreed and set back to our original vision with the herbs.

That spring as Dawn picked the chamomile blooms, these wisdom keepers whispered the connection between those two years away from the herbs and the absence of our beloved mockingbirds.  She was startled to be shown something that should have been so obvious to us both!  Next the chamomile whispered and said to look toward the roses.  There in the grass tumbled a mating pair of Mockingbirds...our namesake was finally back!

When you see our logo, the Mockingbird may not scream "honey" to you, but it is as integral to our farm vision as the soil, water or air.  Our logo also purposely includes the other following components:

Red Raspberry

Raspberry leaves are what the Mockingbird stands upon. As an herbal health farm and homesteaders, the red raspberry leaf is such an important herb because of its focus on women's health, fertility and balance in all stages of life.

Straw Skep

The representation of honey in our logo is made with the traditional Straw Skep. It's easy to recognize, but also important because we focus our practices on traditional methods that minimize stress in the hive without the use of chemicals. The Bee in Native American circles is a symbol of harmony, sexuality and fertility. She reminds us to be busy and productive, but to also be sure to drink the full nectar of life.... "stop and smell the roses!" She also teaches us that there is a promise of fulfillment if we chase our dreams and work hard. When you visit us, be sure to take some time observing the bees. If you are brave, put your ear to the side of their hive. They are also known in ancient times to be the messengers of the Gods.  It is important to take time to listen to their message they bring!


The hexagon is the shape of the honeycomb... the shape of efficiency and strength so often found in nature. This natural six-sided shape tells us of Harmony, Truth, Balance and Equality. It leads us to the sweetness of life found within the heart and takes us on a journey to enlightenment.

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