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UPS Botanical Sanctuary

We support United Plant Savers

Soda Farm is a proud member of the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary network ( and is one of 13 sanctuaries in Ohio. This organization is the main target of our charitable donations.

United Plant Savers (UpS) has a mission to protect native medicinal plants in the United States and Canada, as well as their native habitats. The organization also works to ensure an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for future generations.


As one of only a few sanctuaries in Ohio, our farm includes over 120 different medicinals.

  • We are committed to acting as teaching and research farm in this network.
  • We strive to encourage the use of native medicinals that have been overlooked for some time.
  • We are actively working with state and local resources to understand both the medicinal components of plants native to our area and to promote their sustainable use.  

You will find results of our ongoing field trials here in our Soda Farm blog. As a sanctuary and teaching farm, our educational and research focus is on the use of native medicinals and Ohio-area plants that have been forgotten for their medicinal benefit. We are striving to find LOCAL plant alternatives to many of the more commonly used medicinal herbs from tropical and sub-tropical regions.

When we create recipes for our Soda Farm line, it is of upmost importance that we choose plants that are not "At Risk" or in a "Critical" status, even if they are popular or trending. We work hard to ensure that all of the plants we use in our products are being raised or wildcrafted sustainably in an a manner that respects our environment and the communities in which they grow. 

As a United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary we stand for protecting our endangered native medicinals and hope that you do so as well by demanding their responsible harvest and use. A portion of the sales of the following products will be donated to the continued efforts in protecting our endangered medicinals.

We currently make products with herbs found on the "At Risk" list:

Critical list- 0

At Risk list- 4

In Review list- 2


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