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If you have wanted to take steps to become more independent in your healthcare, this is just the place to start!

In this self-guided class you will learn:

  1. The most important teas, tinctures, salves and pills for your natural medicine cabinet.

  2. The most important tools to gather for your natural medicine cabinet.

  3. 5 Top ingredients in over-the-counter remedies that are a danger to your family.

  4. How to work with your doctor and understand your "scope of practice".

  5. How to identify, grow and use over 12 different plants that you can find in your own backyard for first aid and daily health applications.

  6. How to apply common plants to basic first-aid situations.

  7. 5 Essential treatment techniques and the tools and plants best used with them

  8. Simple recipes to make ahead and keep in stock.

  9. How to organize your natural medicine cabinet so it is easy for all skill levels to use.

This course link will be delivered to your email in-box. You will be able to watch in your own time, starting and stopping as you like so that you can take notes and step away as you need.

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