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This soft, unbaked granola is packed with nutrition, and a whole lot to support your body's natural ability to counter stress. This special edition blend is top to bottom packed with all the things your body craves when life is pushing you to your limits- chocolate and blueberry touched with floral notes of rose, chamomile and lavender, topped off wit a healthy dose of kava kava. You're going to LOVE this blend!

We make it in house based on Dawn's recipe in her book Sweet Remedies: Healing Herbal Honeys. Try it with milk, with yogurt, or simply as a stand-alone snack. You won't be sorry you grabbed a bag!


*Oats, *Butter, Raw Honey, *70% dark chocolate, *Dried Blueberries, *Stress Less formula, *Cocoa, Vanilla Bean Extract, *Cinnamon (*Organic). 10 ounces

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