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Are you a soft-batch granola mama? Crunchy granola is a term that's been around for more than a decade... but it seems like the bar is pretty high and the pressure is for REAL! While we identity with crunchy granola here at Soda Farm, we believe that being healthy just doesn't have to be so rigid or judgey... and definitely not so HARD!!

We LOVE these t-shirts! They are so very comfortable and never fail to get compliments. 

100% cotton. Printed by a small business owned by a local mama in our area.

COLOR: Pink!!

STYLE: V-neck


Soft-Batch Granola Mama

noun | *\'soft-bach gre'nole 'mame

Practical, family focused, does her own research, reader of labels, distrusts the mainstream, healthy living enthusiast, common sense evangelist, self-sufficiency curious, and healthy sugar savvy.

See also: real food heals, living crunchy doesn't have to be so hard


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every ingredient has a purpose.

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