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Join together with fellow plant enthusiasts once a month (12pm-2pm) and share what you've learned, or learn from others, about a monthly featured plant.

In the ethnobotanical traditions- nothing is off limits~ The plants chose will have a history in foodways, religious practice, folklore, healing, crafting, industry, and more!

There is no cost to participate in the group study, but if you wish to take part in the take-away project there will be a nominal fee for supplies. Please bring a dish or drink (preferably with our featured plant if possible) and anything that you made that month in relation to our topic that you would like to "show off"... we will celebrate in each others' successes and commiserate in our failures!

The group will decide together what plants will be studied March-December. Here are January and February's plants:

January (Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus)- Bring a half pint glass jar

February- Cinnnamon (Cinnamomum spp.)

March- Dandelion (Herbal Oil- bring a half pint glass jar with lid)

April- Jewelweed (poison ivy sucus)


June- Mulberry (Shrub- bring a half pint glass jar with lid) 

July- Cattail (Basket) 

August- Wild Grape (Eco-Printing) CANCELED

September- Turmeric (Golden Milk Mix) 

October- Horseradish (Fire Cider-)

November-  Reviewing our favorites- Bring one, Take one, Holiday party 

2023 Dates:

January 14, February 11, March 11, April 15, May-no meeting, June 17, August 12, September 16, October 21, November 12 (SUNDAY-Holiday Party!)

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