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Our Values

We Believe

In a Creator God who is tripartate- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that God created our world and us with it in perfection- he saw that it was "good". We are perfectly created and like nature, are designed to heal.

We believe that we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit when we recognize Jesus as the son of God and ask for membership in God's family in the same way as all of creation is naturally indwelt by that same Holy Spirit.

We believe that our products- being made up of God's good foods and healing nutrients- work through his design... NOT to heal you- your body is already capable of doing that on its own, but to give you space and nutrition to do the work of healing and to return to "factory setting" as we like to say.

Our Small Farm Values

We believe you need to put back what you take out- you can't buy in nutrients better than the soil is designed to feed itself. We display integrity for farming with biodynamic principles in mind and knowledge that the soil is the source of all life.  Healthy soil results in a healthier plant, which in turn, provides greater health to us and our animals.

As a small farm, we endeavor to strive for the efficient and effective use of land to demonstrate the concentrated value of a healthy farm ecosystem. We strive to interact with the community to teach about our farming and herbal practices.

Our Ecosystem

We strive to serve as a haven for endangered medicinal plants. As a United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary, we work to provide opportunity and habitat for a diverse range of plants, insects and animals.

Our Beekeeping

We believe that the hive is a miniature ecosystem that, much like our soil, when healthy, provides greater benefit to the life of the bee. We practice our partnership with the bees without chemicals and strive to limit the impact of external factors on our them to the greatest extent possible. The meaning behind our farm logo captures this important interaction between plants, animals, insects and the land.

Medical Freedom

We endeavor to serve as a unique model in Central Ohio to teach others about the healing properties of superfoods and herbs as an alternative and compliment to allopathic medicine. We strive to make people aware of their own health choices and their ability to be more proactive in their choices. We BELIEVE in HEALTH FREEDOM.

Our farm focuses on the idea that your daily food should be the source of your wellness- and we believe that just as you can eat your way into problems, you can also eat your way out of them! As Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”

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