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If you're anything like us, you'll want to know a little bit about who is behind it all here at Soda Farm. The short story is- a small, farm family. We stand behind everything that goes out to our customers because each product was made for a need within our family first. This is personal. We care for your family in the same way, and with the same products we created to grow and care for our family. 

We've been around for a while... and like any family story it doesn't follow a straight line. We've done our best to share it all with you on the page below.

We Believe: Our products DO NOT heal you. Your body was perfectly designed to heal itself by our mutual Creator God. Our products are thoughtfully and prayerfully designed to come alongside that design and help to return you to healthy balance- or- "Factory Reset" as we like to call it!

Our Practices

It all started with a diagnosis... Dawn Combs shares the story of how she overcame infertility, began her writing career and formulated the products that would go on to be the Soda Farm line of drinks...

Our Reputation

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